Identity Meat



The initial supply phase is key, vital for a company that buys and select live product. At El Encinar de Humienta we select product from the source, working closely with cattle farmers.

We are strongly committed to livestock in our area of influence (Extremadura, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia), where 75% of cows in Spain are raised.

We participate actively in managing livestock farms and are co-owners (jointly with certain cooperatives) of some of the most modern feedlots.



Our team’s know-how and the high degree of in-house expertise underpin our everyday production processes.

Animal welfare is paramount in all the process stages, from animal stay in herds and foodlots or transport to stabling and slaughtering. Personnel involved in these areas is aware and trained for a proper performance and the Head of Animal Welfare oversees the process to ensure the correct practice at all times.

The slaughter stage stands out for the technical means available and compliance with the APPC and the international IFS standard in terms of production processes, while the whole project is overseen by the official Veterinarian Service and the Quality and Food Safety Department in El Encinar de Humienta.

Following this line and to facilitate the process and improve product quality, we have deployed a fast cooling tunnel, maintenance and conservation cameras whose cold equipment and controls help us to obtain a high quality, cool and safe product.




Our deboners are great professionals who contribute all their experience to a product they respect and know well, putting all their effort into improving processes and achieving the best quality.

Our extensive production capacity (25,000 tons annually) makes us leaders in the production of boneless meat - a high-quality product widely recognised in the industry.

Packaging and shipping:

All processes involved in the packaging and shipping stage guarantee the perfect conservation of pieces, ensuring the arrival of the product in the best conditions.

Day in and day out we offer all our customers the latest technology in product packaging. We have deployed a cutting-edge handling and packaging robot, product sorting based on customers, products and weights, a machine for detecting foreign particles and exclusive equipment for measuring the percentage of fat and protein in meat, MeatScan by FOSS



As a leading European business company, at El Encinar de Humienta we offer immediate and flexible product delivery solutions.

Our sales network — at our clients’ disposal — optimises delivery with total flexibility and tailored to every need, ensuring optimal customer care. Our experience allows us to offer safe and effective distribution services.

The distribution and logistics processes align perfectly to better address our customer needs:


Process stands out for the following values:





State-of-the-art Facilities:

Our company has its headquarters in the Mercamadrid Central Meat Market, where our logistics and distribution centre, hostelry sales, fresh elaborated products rooms and freezing chambers are based.

Our main production facility is strategically located in Almaraz (Cáceres), supporting a robust and innovative production process.

Our spacious facilities boast cutting- edge technologies to ensure greater quality and productivity in every stage of the process: live cattle reception and indoor farming, slaughter facilities, cooling rooms, fresh product cold chambers, quartering rooms, cutting, packaging and slicing room and finished product camera, among others.